Boxtamer - Truck Bed Divider

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Only For Truck Owners That Will Benefit From The Following Features:

  1. Prevents cargo from unwanted shifting in the truck box
  2. Keeps Contents Of Truck Within Reach
  3. Helps Prevent Cargo Breakage
  4. Installs and is removable in seconds
  5. Easily stores under your back seat
  6. Made from outdoor grade extremely durable polyethylene plastic
  7. Fits all truck beds

Whether You’re tired of cleaning scrambled groceries out of your truck bed, fishing under your tonneau cover with a broom or hockey stick to reach your cargo, or pulling up just to see your belongings broken. BoxTamer offers an adjustable design, structured to fit any truck on the market.

It’s the simple, lightweight solution made from outdoor grade polyethylene plastic to ensure maximum durability by staying weather safe.


  • 45.5in wide contracted
  • 78in wide extended
  • 10.5in tall
  • 2.5in thick

Box Contents

(4) - #8 Phillips Self-Taper Screws
(1) - Nylon Spacer
(2) - Aluminium Brackets
(1) - Locking Knob
(1) - Female BoxTamer
(1) - Male BoxTamer


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Brackets are screwed into the truck box to keep the divider in place.  *Refer To Instructions Video*